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Species Angler Caudal Length Club Location Photo
Amberjack (All) No Entries
Barramundi Matthew Leavy 1180 mm Hinchinbrook SFC The Ross River, Gleesens
Bass (Australian) Martyn Wolens 525 mm Ipswich United SFC Lake Wivenhoe
Bream (Pikey) Bob Avery 310 mm Bundaberg SFC Hinchinbrook channel
Bream (Yellowfin) Victor Guse 380 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Maroochy river
Cobia Nelson Philips 1280 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundaberg wide
Dart (All) Chris bache 660 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Daintree River
Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) No Entries
Emperor (Grass) Clint Mumford 625 mm Kingaroy SFC Lamont reef
Emperor (Long Nosed) Geoff Chapman 700 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Hope reef
Emperor (Red) Martyn Wolens 770 mm Ipswich United SFC Hexam Island
Emperor (Red Throat) Nelson Philips 570 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundaberg
Emperor (Spangled) Craig Thornton 675 mm Keppel Bay SFC Wide Yeppoon
Flathead (All) Steven King 860 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundy
Grunter (Silver Perch) No Entries
Grunter (Sooty) geoff chapman 460 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Mitchel river
Javelin (All) Nigel Harbourne 580 mm Redcliffe Game and SFC Brisbane river
Job fish (All) Helen Johnson 730 mm Bundaberg SFC Pith reef
Long Tom (Saltwater) Don Patterson 1160 mm Bundaberg SFC Althea
Long Tom (Freshwater) Chris bache 340 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Mitchell River
Mackerel (Spanish) Helen Johnson 1550 mm Bundaberg SFC Kennedy shoals
Mackerel (School) Helen Johnson 730 mm Bundaberg SFC Kolan patch
Mackerel (Grey) Melissa Royle 970 mm Hinchinbrook SFC Halifax Bay, NQ
Mackerel (Spotted) Helen Johnson 780 mm Bundaberg SFC Herringdale wreck
Mangrove Jack Victor Guse 550 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Raper Shoal
Marlin (All) Graham Weston 1590 mm Cardwell SFC Lucinda wide
Perch (Golden) Brad Bowman 540 mm Ipswich United SFC Lake Somerset
Queenfish (All) Daniel Kopacz 990 mm Maryborough SFC Hervey Bay
Rainbow Runner Helen Johnson 820 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundaberg wide
Sailfish (indo-pacific) No Entries
Saratoga (All) Glen Unverzagt 800 mm Kingaroy SFC Cania
Snapper Graeme Sue See 680 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Fraser island
Snapper (Golden) Andrew Moloney 640 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Port Douglas
Snapper (Saddletail Largemouth) Geoff Chapman 860 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Batt reef
Tailor chris Proctor 315 mm Ipswich United SFC Jacobs well
Tarpon Chris bache 565 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Fitzroy Island
Threadfin (King) Geoff Chapman 670 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Norman river
Threadfin (Blue) Ben Weston 580 mm Hinchinbrook SFC None
Trevally (Bigeye) Bob Avery 001 mm Bundaberg SFC Gould Island
Trevally (Giant) Adam Royle 825 mm Hinchinbrook SFC Halifax Bay, NQ
Trevally (Golden) Graham Weston 750 mm Cardwell SFC Cairns
Coral Trout (All) Don Patterson 820 mm Bundaberg SFC 18 mile
Tuna (Longtail) Will McUtchen 850 mm Bundaberg SFC Stanage Bay
Tuna (Mackerel) Shaun Manthey 840 mm Kingaroy SFC 1770
Tuna (Yellowfin) Helen Johnson 645 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundaberg wide
Tuskfish (All) Steven King 600 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundy wide
Wahoo No Entries
Whiting (All) Victor Guse 410 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Maroochy river
rew No Entries