The competition will commence on the 1st of July in each year and finish on the 30th of June in the following year.

1. All fish must be listed on the ANSA Qld eligible species and have an assigned master trophy length (

          Note:  Fish that exceed the maximum legal length will be eligible but anglers MUST handle and release their catch with care and as quickly as possible so as to ensure no harm to the fish.   

2. Anglers may enter as many fish as they wish but only their ten (10) highest point scoring trophy length fish will be accepted and all must be of different species.

3. Awards shall be for the following:

a) Senior Male
b) Senior Female
c) Junior
d) Sub-Junior

4. A junior competitor is one who has attained the age of ten (10) years of age but not sixteen (16) years at the start of the competition. A sub-junior competitor is one who has not attained the age of ten (10) years at the start of competition. NOTE: Ages for junior and sub-junior is taken as at the 1st of July in each year, i.e., if the person starts the competition as a sub-junior or junior they will remain in that category for the period of the competition.

5. Anglers may continue to improve their score throughout the year.

6. No nomination is required. Registered financial membership of ANSA Qld is necessary.

     Note:  Fishing guides and commercial fishers, who are also members of ANSA Qld, are eligible to enter provided they abide by ANSA rules as well as state and federal recreational fishing regulations.  

7. The angler may fish anytime and anywhere within the ANSA National boundaries for the period of the competition.

8. There are no restrictions on fishing divisions to allow the angler maximum flexibility for fishing.

     Note:  Fish captured using an electric reel and/or deck winch are ineligible; unless the angler has a physical disability that prevents him/her from being able to use a conventional rod & reel combination or handline.   

9. The winner in each category will be the angler with the maximum number of trophy length species (10), except in the case of a tie.

10. In the case of a tie, the overall length of each angler’s ten (10) highest scoring eligible fish will be compared to each of their masters trophy lengths with one point allocated for every centimetre a fish is over its stated trophy length (

          Note: Billfish (marlin, sailfish, swordfish) are all eligible species and  will have a set 10 point allocation per eligible fish and no minimum length is required

11. To be eligible anglers must enter their fish using the ANSA Qld online fish capture entry form by 30th June each year –

12. Entries must include a photo of each fish on an appropriate measuring device clearly displaying the overall length of the fish.

13. Anglers have two (2) weeks from the end of the fishing year to submit a request to review a submission or to challenge the results of the competition, after which all results shall be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

14. ANSA QLD reserves the right to remove any and all capture submissions as and when they deem it necessary.