ANSA Queensland has developed the “Length” Competition to meet with the expectations and practices of the next generation of recreational fishers. The general public are now practicing sustainable catch and release methods and with an emphasis on new technology. This Competition is designed to allow the use of the most up-to-date line technologies and compliment this with the use of the latest communication technologies by lodging captures and also see the results on the Leaderboard on this website. The State Executive believe that this style of competition will foster more interaction in the State Based Competitions and also between Clubs and Individuals.

  • Fish is to be measured using DEEDI length regulations and/or ANSA Qld minimum lengths, but caudal fork length will be the measurement used for the determination of longest fish of each species. Short measurement for Billfish and Sailfish is also to be used.
  • Two photo’s are required to enter any fish in the Competition. A mandatory photo of the fish on an acceptable measuring device, (the side of the boat in the case of billfish/sailfish) with both head and tail centred and clearly visible, and an optional photo of the fish being held by the angler. This is to assist with correct species identification and measurement of entries. The photo of the angler will be the preferred choice for publication on the web, but if unavailable the mandatory photo will be used.
  • Capture details must be submitted on-line and each fish entered must have been captured during the competition year (1st July to the 30th June the following year). Measurements to be in Millimetres
  • To beat a current capture, the new one must be at least 5mm bigger than the current capture. (i.e. to beat a 505mm Bass you need a 510mm Bass)
  • At the end of the competition year, all species are reset to zero ready for the new Competition Year.Captured fish may be kept or released. (Code of Ethics for Released Fish)There are no line classes or divisions but the tackle and fishing rules meet ANSA requirements.Only two Categories – Junior and Senior.
  • Winning Angler for each Species will receive a Certificate, with an image of that Species used as a watermark on the Certificate.Minimum and maximum lengths apply as per the ANSA Species List and all captures must comply with all Fisheries Regulations.
  • Where a species has been submitted as a capture for the impoundment section of this competition (Barramundi & Bass). Only captures from impoundments listed in the Fisheries Regulations as reconized impoundments will be accepted. For confirmation of details of these impoundments please refer to the Queensland DPI Web site Fishweb. www.dpi.qld.gov.au Barramundi (from waterways upstream of Awoonga, Burdekin Falls, Callide, Eungella, Fairbairn, Fred Haigh (Lake Monduran), Kinchant, Koombooloomba, Lenthalls, Peter Faust, Teemburra, Tinaroo and Wuruma dams.). Australian Bass (from waterways upstream of Baroon Pocket, Bjelke-Petersen, Boondooma, Borumba, Cania, Cressbrook, Fred Haigh (Lake Monduran), Gordonbrook, Hinze, Lenthalls, Maroon, Moogerah, North Pine, Somerset, Wuruma and Wivenhoe dams; Claude Wharton and Jones weirs; Isis Balancing Storage (Lake Gregory) and Clarendon, Dyer (Bill Gunn Dam) and MacDonald lakes.).