Eric Moller Memorial Trophy Small

This is the most honoured award offered by ANSA Qld Branch Inc. Submissions are prepared by Clubs who nominate a worthy member prior to the Annual ANSA Qld State Conference.

About Eric Moller

The guidelines are laid out below:

1 The trophy is a perpetual one, remaining in the control of the Queensland Branch and can be won by an individual once only. A facsimile of the award will be sent to the Club for presentation to the successful nominee.

2 Only registered members of Clubs affiliated with ANSA Queensland Inc are eligible for nomination. The submissions must be formulated and forwarded by Clubs, NOT INDIVIDUALS, and only one nomination per Club is acceptable.

3 It is not in keeping with the ethics of the award for a member to asked to be, or expect to be, nominated. In many cases the nominee is unaware of the nomination.

4 In assessing each candidate’s profile, contribution to the person’s Club and angling achievements will be considered on an equal basis.

5 The Club is to write a submission, which sets out their nominee’s dedication and assistance to the Club and the ANSA principles and their angling versatility. Fishing versatility may include achievements in progression towards Master Angler Awards, participation in bluewater, inshore, landbased, freshwater, tagging etc.

6 The Award is designed for an all round angler who catches fish in most conditions and contributes meaningfully to the well being of his/her Club and participates regularly.

7 The nominations will be read to the Club delegates present during the Annual Conference. The delegates will then vote for the recipient of the Award by means of a secret ballot.

8 The decisions of the delegates present will be final and no correspondence will be entered into after the result is announced.

9 To be nominated by one’s Club is an honour in itself, however there can only be one winner each fishing year and submissions for unsuccessful nominees are encouraged to be resubmitted.

10 The announcement and presentation of the Award will be made on the Saturday night of the weekend of the Annual Conference.

11 All Senior and Junior members are eligible to be nominated.


1982 Mick Dohnt Brisbane Sportfishing Club Inc
1983 Bill Bowtell Keppel Bay Sportfishing Club Inc
1984 Don Porter Tag and Release Sportfishing Club Inc
1985 Don Woodford Gold Coast Sportfishing Club Inc
1986 Bill Sawynok CAPTAG Sportfishing Club Inc
1987 Bill George Tully Sportfishing Club Inc
1988 Bob Collishaw Maryborough Sportfishing Club Inc
1989 Lawrie Smith Hinchinbrook Sportfishing Club Inc
1990 Don Boneham Maryborough Sportfishing Club Inc
1991 Steve Watson Brisbane Sportfishing Club Inc
1992 Marina Hoare Cairns Sportfishing Club Inc
1993 Peter Mulhall Bundaberg Sportfishing Club Inc
1994 Alex Nissan Ipswich United Sportfishing Club Inc
1995 Warren Steptoe Brisbane Sportfishing Club Inc
1996 David Moore Bribie Island Sportfishing Club Inc
1997 John Doohan Bribie Island Sportfishing Club Inc
1998 Tim Galletly Mackay Sportfishing Club Inc
1999 Bob Carruthers Brisbane Sportfishing Club Inc
2000 Ross Cobb Brisbane Sportfishing Club Inc
2001 Ray Hoon Hinchinbrook Sportfishing Club inc.
2002 Meredith McCrae Bribie Island Sportfishing Club Inc
2003 Jeff Snell Cardwell Sportfishing Club Inc.
2004 Lloyd Willman Southern Brisbane Sportfishing Club
2005 Neville and Val Cooper Hinchinbrook Sportfishing Club Inc.
2006 Greg Smith Cardwell Sportfishing Club Inc.
2007 Keith Hoare Cardwell Sportfishing Club Inc.
2008 Graeme Read Collinsville Sportfishing Club Inc.
2009 Peter Griffiths Bribie Island Sportfishing Club Inc.
2010 Harvey Low North Queensland Flyfishers Club Inc.
2011 Ken Hunt Townsville Saltwater Sportmans Club Inc.
2012 John Cumberland Southern Brisbane Sportfishing Club
2013 No Nominations
2014 Noel Day Redcliffe Sportsfishing Club
2017 Bob Dover Kingaroy Sportsfishing Club
2018 Helen Johnson Bundaberg Sportsfishing Club
2019 Bruce Cowie Keppel Bay Sportsfishing Club