Trophy Length Masters

Up for a challenge?

Reckon you can catch ten trophy sized fish of a particular species?

If so, the Trophy Length Masters Award is waiting for you!

It is an achievement to catch a legal fish for the table. Take it to the next level!

How many magic metre sized barra have you caught? A one metre Barramundi is what ANSA QLD recognise as trophy length.

Now put another nine more Barramundi this size in the net and we are talking about a special kind of angler – A Queensland Master Angler to be precise!

Land 10 trophy sized fish and get the recognition you deserve. Legend Status

Too easy you say? Can you then adapt and master another species? How about ten different species?

ANSA QLD has more than 200 eligible species of fish on our list – more than enough to provide a lifetime of fishing experiences!

Learn – Adapt – Conquer – Repeat!

Trophy Length Masters Award Recipients

Up-to-date List coming soon!!

How to enter

Target and catch fish abiding by the ANSA Rules and then Submit your catch using our Fish Capture Form. Simple!

A summary of the rules are provided below.

Just how big does a fish have to be for Trophy Length Masters?

Check out the comprehensive species list below. Note that some recent updates are subject to ratification.

Species URL Scientific Name ANSA QLD Trophy Length
Albacore Thunnus alalunga 80
Amberjack (Yellowtail Kingfish) Seriola lalandi 100
Amberjack (Greater) Seriola dumerili 100
Amberjack (Highfin) Seriola rivoliana 100
Amberjack (Samsonfish) Seriola hippos 100
Amberjack (Blackbanded) Seriolina nigrofasciata 68
Anchovy (Freshwater) Thryssa scratchleyi 30
Archer Fish (Banded) Toxotes jaculatrix 27
Archer Fish (Common) Toxotes chatareus 27
Archer Fish (Primative) Toxotes lorentzi 27
Archer Fish (Western) Toxotes kimberleyensis 27
Barracuda (Great) Sphyraena barracuda 80
Barracuda (Blackspot) Sphyraena forsteri 80
Barracuda (Heller’s) Sphyraena helleri 80
Barracuda (Pickhandle) Sphyraena jello 80
Barracuda (Blackfin) Sphyraena qenie 80
Barramundi Lates calcarifer 100
Bass (Australian) Macquaria novemaculeata 50
Bass (Sand) Psammoperca waigiensis 45
Batfish (Humpheaded) Platax batavianus 50
Batfish (Round) Platax orbicularis 50
Batfish (Longfin) Platax pinnatus 50
Batfish (Roundface) Platax teira 50
Bonefish Albula argentea 50
Bonito (Australian) Sarda australis 60
Bonito (Leaping) Cybiosarda elegans 60
Bream (Pikey) Acanthopagrus pacificus 35
Bream (Western Yellowfin) Acanthopagrus morrisoni 40
Bream (Yellowfin) Acanthopagrus australis 40
Bream (Tarwhine) Rhabdosargus sarba 40
Bream (Bony) Nematalosa erebi 35
Seabream (Collar) Gymnocranius audleyi 38
Seabream (Goldspot) Gnathodentex aureolineatus 38
Seabream (Iodine) Gymnocranius euanus 38
Seabream (Robinson’s) Gymnocranius grandoculis 38
Seabream (Bigeye) Monotaxis grandoculis 38
Seabream (Mozambique) Wattsia mossambica 38
Sea-bream (Bluespotted) Gymnocranius microdon 38
Bullrout Notesthes robusta 38
Catfish (Longsnout) Plicofollis argyropleuron 75
Catfish (All others)   All Others N/A
Catfish (Masters’) Hexanematichthys mastersi 75
Catfish (Shieldhead) Plicofollis nella 75
Catfish (Sea) Netuma proxima 75
Catfish (Salmon) Netuma thalassina 75
Catfish (Blue) Neoarius graeffei 75
Catfish (Roundsnout Sea) Netuma bilineata 75
Catfish (Boofhead) Neoarius leptaspis 75
Catfish (Silver Cobbler) Neoarius midgleyi 75
Cod (Blackbanded Gudgeon) Oxyeleotris selheimi 30
Cod (Mary River) Maccullochella mariensis 75
Cod (Murray) Maccullochella peelii 80
Cod (Sleepy) Oxyeleotris lineolata 30
Cobia Rachycentron canadum 100
Cod (Blue Maori) Epinephelus cyanopodus 57
Cod (Coral) Cephalopholis miniata 57
Cod (Gold Spot) Epinephelus coioides 57
Cod (Black Spot) Epinephelus malabaricus 57
Cod (Flowery) Epinephelus fuscoguttatus 75
Cod (Maori Rock) Epinephelus undulatostriatus 68
Cod (Saddled) Epinephelus daemelii 65
Cod (Highfin) Epinephelus maculatus 65
Cod (Areolate) Epinephelus areolatus 65
Cod (Bar) Epinephelus ergastularius 65
Cod (Black saddled) Epinephelus howlandi 65
Cod (Black-tipped) Epinephelus fasciatus 65
Cod (Blue-lined) Cephalopholis formosa 65
Cod (Blue spotted) Cephalopholis cyanostigma 65
Cod (Brown-barred) Cephalopholis boenak 65
Cod (Camouflage) Epinephelus polyphekadion 65
Cod (Chinaman) Epinephelus rivulatus 65
Cod (Black-dottted) Epinephelus corallicola 65
Cod (Dothead) Cephalopholis microprion 65
Cod (Wire-netting) Epinephelus merra 65
Cod (Flagtail) Cephalopholis urodeta 65
Cod (Four saddle) Epinephelus spilotoceps 65
Cod (Greasy) Epinephelus tauvina 65
Cod (Hexagon) Epinephelus hexagonatus 65
Cod (Leopard) Cephalopholis leopardus 65
Cod (Longfin) Epinephelus quoyanus 65
Cod (Peacock) Cephalopholis argus 65
Cod (Redmouth) Aethaloperca rogaa 65
Cod (Six bar) Epinephelus sexfasciatus 65
Cod (Six spot) Cephalopholis sexmaculata 65
Cod (Speckled-fin) Epinephelus ongus 65
Cod (Snubnose) Epinephelus macrospilos 65
Cod (Strawberry) Cephalopholis spiloparaea 65
Cod (Thin spine) Gracila albomarginata 65
Cod (Tomato) Cephalopholis sonnerati 65
Cod (White lined) Anyperodon leucogrammicus 65
Cod (White spotted) Epinephelus coeruleopunctatus 65
Eeltail Catfish (Black) Neosilurus ater 50
Eeltail Catfish (Cooper Creek) Neosiluroides cooperensis 50
Eeltail Catfish (Freshwater) Tandanus tandanus 50
Eeltail Catfish (Softspine) Neosilurus mollespiculum 50
Dart (Common) Trachinotus botla 40
Dart (Giant Oystercracker) Trachinotus anak 60
Dart (Northern) Trachinotus bailloni 40
Dart (Snubnose) Trachinotus blochii 60
Dart (Swallowtail) Trachinotus coppingeri 40
Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) Coryphaena hippurus 100
Drummer (Black) Girella elevata 45
Drummer (Low-finned) Kyphosus vaigiensis 45
Emperor (Grass) Lethrinus laticaudis 60
Emperor (Lancer) Lethrinus genivittatus 60
Emperor (Long Nosed) Lethrinus olivaceus 60
Emperor (Orange-striped) Lethrinus obsoletus 60
Emperor (Pink-eared) Lethrinus lentjan 60
Emperor (Red) Lutjanus sebae 70
Emperor (Red-eared) Lethrinus rubrioperculatus 60
Emperor (Red Throat) Lethrinus miniatus 60
Emperor (Spangled) Lethrinus nebulosus 60
Emperor (Thumbprint) Lethrinus harak 60
Emperor (Variegated) Lethrinus variegatus 60
Emperor (Yellow-lipped) Lethrinus xanthochilus 60
Emperor (Yellow-spotted) Lethrinus erythracanthus 60
Emperor (Yellow-striped) Lethrinus ornatus 60
Emperor (Yellow-tailed) Lethrinus atkinsoni 60
Emperor (All Others)   Other Emperor N/A
Flathead (Bartail) Platycephalus indicus 45
Flathead (Bluespotted) Platycephalus caeruleopunctatus 45
Flathead (Fringe-eye) Cymbacephalus nematophthalmus 45
Flathead (Marbled) Platycephalus marmoratus 45
Flathead (Northern rock) Cymbacephalus staigeri 45
Flathead (Sand) Platycephalus arenarius 45
Flathead (Tiger) Platycephalus richardsoni 45
Flathead (Dusky) Platycephalus fuscus 60
Flounder (Leopard) Bothus pantherinus 30
Flounder (Largetooth) Pseudorhombus arsius 30
Flounder (Longsnout) Ammotretis rostratus 30
Flounder (Peacock) Pseudorhombus argus 30
Flounder (Smalltooth) Pseudorhombus jenynsii 30
Flounder (Black Sole) Brachirus nigra 30
Flounder (Manybanded Sole) Zebrias scalaris 30
Garfish (Blackbarred) Hemiramphus far 38
Garfish (River) Hyporhamphus regularis 38
Garfish (Long-jawed) Rhynchorhamphus georgii 38
Garfish (Shortnose) Hyporhamphus quoyi 38
Garfish (Slender) Hyporhamphus dussumieri 38
Garfish (Snubnose) Arrhamphus sclerolepis 38
Garfish (Three-by-two) Hemiramphus robustus 38
Glassfish Parambassis gulliveri 38
Groper (Blue) Achoerodus viridis 90
Groper (Comet) Epinephelus morrhua 90
Groper (Eightbar) Epinephelus octofasciatus 90
Groper (Hapuku) Polyprion oxygeneios 90
Groper (Oblique-banded) Epinephelus radiatus 90
Groper (Speckled) Epinephelus magniscuttis 50
Grunter (Barcoo) Scortum barcoo 50
Grunter (Gulf) Scortum ogilbyi 50
Grunter (Khaki) Hephaestus tulliensis 50
Grunter (Leathery) Scortum hillii 50
Grunter (Lorentz’s) Pingalla lorentzi 50
Grunter (Silver Perch) Bidyanus bidyanus 50
Grunter (Silver) Mesopristes argenteus 40
Grunter (Smallhead) Scortum parviceps 50
Grunter (Sooty) Hephaestus fuliginosus 50
Grunter (Welch’s) Bidyanus welchi 50
Grunter (Yellowtail) Amniataba caudaavittata 50
Gudgeon (Brown) Eleotris fusca 30
Gudgeon (Snakehead) Giuris margaritacea 30
Gudgeon (Spangled) Ophiocara porocephala 30
Gurnard (Flying) Dactyloptena orientalis 50
Hairtail Trichiurus lepturus 100
Halibut Psettodes erumei 30
Herring (Giant Australian) Elops machnata 80
Herring (Giant Hawaiian) Elops hawaiensis 80
Herring (Wolf) Chirocentrus dorab 60
Hogfish (Blackfin) Bodianus loxozonus 45
Hogfish (Goldspot) Bodianus perditio 45
Seaperch (Bluebanded Hussar) Lutjanus kasmira 38
Seaperch (Yellowbanded Hussar) Lutjanus adetii 38
Seaperch (Fiveline) Lutjanus quinquelineatus 38
Seaperch (Broadband) Lutjanus vitta 38
Seaperch (Moses) Lutjanus russellii 38
Seaperch (Onespot) Lutjanus monostigma 38
Seaperch (Blackspot) Lutjanus fulviflamma 38
Sea Perch (Yellowmargined) Lutjanus fulvus 38
Sea Perch (All others)   Other seaperch N/A
Seaperch (Stripy) Lutjanus carponotatus 38
Javelin (Barred) Pomadasys kaakan 60
Javelin (Spotted) Pomaddasys argenteus 45
Jewfish (Black) Protonibea diacanthus 100
Jewfish (Mulloway) Argyrosomus japonicus 100
Jewfish (Soldier Croaker) Nibea microgenys 30
Jewfish (Scaly) Nibea squamosa 68
Jewfish (River) Johnius borneensis 30
Jewfish (Teraglin) Atractoscion aequidens 70
Jewfish (Silver Teraglin) Otolithes ruber 68
Job fish (Green) Aprion virescens 70
Job fish (Rosy) Pristipomoides filamentosus 70
Job fish (Lavender) Pristipomoides sieboldii 70
Job fish (Smalltooth) Aphareus furca 70
John Dory Zeus faber 50
Leather Jacket Other Leatherjacket N/A
Long Tom (Barred) Ablennes hians 80
Long Tom (Crocodile) Tylosurus crocodilus 80
Long Tom (Freshwater) Strongylura krefftii 80
Long Tom (Stout) Tylosurus gavialoides 80
Luderick Girella tricuspidata 40
Mackerel (Frigate) Auxis thazard 40
Mackerel (Corseletted Frigate) Auxis roachi 40
Mackerel (Jack) Trachurus declivis 40
Mackerel (Spanish) Scomberomorus commerson 100
Mackerel (School) Scomberomorus queenslandicus 85
Mackerel (Grey) Scomberomorus semifasciatus 100
Mackerel (Shark) Grammatorcynus bicarinatus 85
Mackerel (Spotted) Scomberomorus munroi 85
Mangrove Jack Lutjanus argentimaculatus 50
Marlin (Black) Makaira indica ALL
Marlin (Blue) Makaira nigricans ALL
Marlin (Indo-pacific blue) Makaira mazara ALL
Marlin (Striped) Tetrapturus audax ALL
Milk Fish Chanos chanos 60
Morwong (Grey) Nemadactylus douglasii 40
Morwong (Red) Cheilodactylus fuscus 40
Morwong (Brown) Plectorhinchus gibbosus 60
Morwong (Slatey) Diagramma pictum 60
Mullet (Bluespot) Valamugil seheli 40
Mullet (Diamond) Liza alata 40
Mullet (Diamondscale) Liza vaigiensis 40
Mullet (Fantail) Paramugil georgi 40
Mullet (Greenback) Liza subviridis 40
Mullet (Sand) Myxus elongatus 40
Mullet (Sea) Mugil cephalus 40
Mullet (Tiger)  Liza argentea 40
Mullet (Wartylip) Crenimugil crenilabis 40
Parrot Fish (Bluebarred) Scarus ghobban 40
Parrot Fish (Bicolour) Cetoscarus bicolor 40
Parrot Fish (Bridled) Scarus frenatus 40
Parrot Fish (Bumphead) Bolbometopon muricatum 40
Parrot Fish (Caroline’s) Calotomus carolinus 40
Parrot Fish (Daisy) Chlorurus sordidus 40
Parrot Fish (Ember) Scarus rubroviolaceus 40
Parrot Fish (Marbled) Leptoscarus vaigiensis 40
Parrot Fish (Pacific longnose) Hipposcarus longiceps 40
Parrot Fish (Steephead) Chlorurus microrhinos 40
Parrot Fish (Yellowfin) Scarus flavipectoralis 40
Pennantfish Alectis ciliaris 53
Perch (Cresent) Terapon jarbua 30
Perch (Jungle) Kuhlia rupestris 30
Perch (Golden) Macquaria ambigua 50
Perch (Pearl) Glaucosoma scapulare 50
Perch (Spangled) Leiopotherapon unicolor 27
Pomfret (Batfish) Parastromateus niger 42
Queenfish (Barred) Scomberoides tala 45
Queenfish (Double Spot) Scomberoides lysan 45
Queenfish (Giant) Scomberoides commersonnianus 75
Queenfish (Needleskin) Scomberoides tol 45
Rainbow Runner Elagatis bipinnulata 60
Shovelnose (Bank’s) Aptychotrema rostrata 100
Shovelnose (Common) Rhinobatos batillum(F) 100
Shovelnose (Giant) Glaucostegus typus 100
Shovelnose (Eyebrow Wedgefish) Rhynchobatus palpebratus 100
Shovelnose (Whitespotted) Rhynchobatus australiae 100
Sailfish (indo-pacific) Istiophorus platypterus ALL
Salmon (Australian) Arripis trutta 55
Salmon (Beach) Leptobrama mulleri 50
Saratoga (Northern) Scleropages jardinii 60
Saratoga (Southern) Scleropages leichardti 60
Scad (Finny) Megalaspis cordyla 53
Scad (Mackeral) Decapterus russelli 53
Scad (Redtail) Decapterus kurroides 53
Scad (Rough-ear) Decapterus tabl 53
Scat (Banded) Selenotoca multifasciata 30
Scat (Spotted) Scatophagus argus 30
Sea Pike Sphyraena obtusata 45
Sergeant Baker Latropiscis purpurissata 38
Sickle Fish Drepane punctata 42
Snapper Pagrus auratus 80
Snapper (Flame) Etelis coruscans 57
Snapper (Goldband) Pristipomoides multidens 57
Snapper (Sharptooth) Pristipomoides typus 57
Snapper (Golden) Lutjanus johnii 60
Snapper (Crimson Smallmouth) Lutjanus erythropterus 60
Snapper (Saddletail Largemouth) Lutjanus malabaricus 60
Snapper (Frypan) Argyrops spinifer 53
Snapper (Ruby) Etelis carbunculus 57
Snapper (Maori) Lutjanus rivulatus 50
Remora (Slender) Echeneis naucrates 68
Remora (Short)
Remora remora 68
Sweetlip (Giant) Plectorhinchus albovittatus 45
Swordfish Xiphias gladius ALL
Shark (Blue) Prionace glauca ALL
Shark (Blacktip) Carcharhinus limbatus ALL
Shark (Bull) Carcharhinus leucas ALL
Shark (Gummy) Mustelus antarcticus 100
Shark (Hammerhead) Sphyrna lewini ALL
Shark (Mako) Isurus oxyrinchus ALL
Shark (School) Galeorhinus galeus ALL
Shark (Thresher) Alopias vulpinus ALL
Shark (Tiger) Galeocerdo cuvier ALL
Shark (Whaler – various) Carcharhinus sp. ALL
Shark (Whitetip) Triaenodon obesus ALL
Shark (all Wobbegong) Orectolobus sp. N/A
Tailor Pomatomus saltatrix 60
Tarpon Megalops cyprinoides 60
Threadfin (King) Polydactylus macrochir 90
Threadfin (Blue) Eleutheronema tetradactylum 70
Trevally (Bigeye) Caranx sexfasciatus 80
Trevally (Black) Caranx lugubris 60
Trevally (Bludger) Carangoides gymnostethus 60
Trevally (Blue) Carangoides ferdau 60
Trevally (Bluefin) Caranx melampygus 60
Trevally (Bluespotted) Caranx bucculentus 60
Trevally (Brassy) Caranx papuensis 60
Trevally (Clubnosed) Carangoides chrysophrys 60
Trevally (Diamond) Alectis indica 60
Trevally (Fring-finned) Pantolabus radiatus 60
Trevally (Giant) Caranx ignobilis 100
Trevally (Golden) Gnathanodon speciosus 80
Trevally (Goldspot) Carangoides fulvoguttatus 100
Trevally (Onion) Carangoides coeruleopinnatus 60
Trevally (Silver) Pseudocaranx georgianus 50
Trevally (Thicklip) Carangoides
Trevally (Tille) Caranx tille 60
Trevally (Whitefin) Carangoides equula 60
Trevally (All Others) Other trevally N/A
Tripletail Lobotes surinamensis 60
Trout (Barcheek) Plectropomus maculatus 70
Trout (Bluespot) Plectropomus laevis 70
Trout (Coral) Plectropomus leopardus 70
Trout (Coronation) Variola louti 70
Trout (Highfin) Plectropomus oligacanthus 70
Trout (Lyretail) Variola albimarginata 70
Trout (Passionfruit) Plectropomus areolatus 70
Tuna (Bigeyed) Thunnus obesus 100
Tuna (Dogtooth) Gymnosarda unicolor 100
Tuna (Longtail) Thunnus tonggol 100
Tuna (Mackeral) Euthynnus affinis 100
Tuna (Skipjack) Katsuwonus pelamis 100
Tuna (Southern Bluefin) Thunnus maccoyii 100
Tuna (Yellowfin) Thunnus albacares 100
Tuskfish (Blue) Choerodon cyanodus 45
Tuskfish (Blackspot) Choerodon schoenleinii 45
Tuskfish (Purple) Choerodon cephalotes 45
Tuskfish (Venus) Choerodon venustus 70
Tuskfish (All Others) Other Tuskfish N/A
Tuskfish (Anchor) Choerodon anchorago 45
Tuskfish (Graphic) Choerodon graphicus 45
Wahoo Acanthocybium solandri 100
Whiting (Goldline) Sillago analis 35
Whiting (Northern) Sillago sihama 35
Whiting (Sand) Sillago ciliata 35
Whiting (Stout) Sillago robusta 35
Whiting (Eastern Trumpeter) Sillago maculata 35
Whiting (Western Trumpeter) Sillago burra 35
Whiting (All others) Other Whiting N/A
Wrasse (Bluespotted) Anampses caeruleopunctatus 50
Wrasse (Cigar) Cheilio inermis 50
Wrasse (Floral Maori) Cheilinus chlorourus 50
Wrasse (Humpheaded) Cheilinus undulatus  N/A
Wrasse (Redbreasted Maori) Cheilinus fasciatus 50
Wrasse (Ringtail Maori) Oxycheilinus unifasciatus 50
Wrasse (Tripletail Maori) Cheilinus trilobatus 50
Wrasse (Twospot Maori) Oxycheilinus bimaculatus 50
Wrasse (All Others) Other Wrasse N/A


1. The qualification for the title of “Trophy Length Species” Masters Award shall be that the member must submit ten (10) of the same eligible Trophy Length species each one equal to or longer than the Trophy Length for that species.

2. Following the attainment of an initial “Trophy Length Species” Master Award, a member may claim a “Trophy Length Species” Master 20 Award by capturing a further ten (10) of the same species. A “Trophy Length Species” Master 30 Award may be claimed with the capture of a further ten (10) of the same species. Similarly, “Trophy Length Species” Master 40, 50, etc Awards may be claimed for the same species.

3. Eligible equipment/tackle as per “Equipment and Regulations – All Divisions (page15 of the ANSA Rulebook). This is a non line class/ weight award that includes “All Tackle” fishing. Line testing and line class are not applicable to these awards. The use of braided line and breakaway line 42 combinations (as defined) are eligible with the qualification that the breakaway line may be standard line ie; non tested.

4. Application forms for “Trophy Length Species” Master Awards are available from each Branch Secretary. After completion they should be checked and forwarded to the Branch Recorder / Masters Keeper who will then forward them onto the ANSA National Masters Keeper. ANSA QLD is compiling your records via the online form.

5. Captures submitted for “Trophy Length Species Masters” Awards cannot be submitted for Line Class Masters or Trophy Length Masters Awards and vice versa.

6. A certificate will be awarded to all who qualify for these awards.


1. Definition: The Trophy Length for a species is the length at which an eligible species is deemed to be a capture worthy of recognition. Trophy lengths are determined with regard to the potential growth of the species, its usual habitat and fighting qualities.

2. A capture of an eligible species which is the Trophy Length or longer for that species is deemed a Trophy Fish and eligible for inclusion towards Trophy Length Master Awards. Likewise any fish submitted for a traditional Line Class Master Award will not be eligible for Trophy Length Master Awards and vice versa.

3. A number of benchmark Trophy Lengths are listed in the List of Eligible Species. State Branches may, at their discretion, assign Trophy Lengths to additional eligible species for inclusion in Trophy Length Master Awards. State Branches may also, at their discretion, modify the National Trophy Length for an eligible species to take account of localised variations in species average sizes and abundance. Any changes or additions to Trophy Lengths must be ratified by the ANSA National Committee.


1. The measurement of a fish for Trophy Length Masters awards must be performed against a recognised measuring device, such as, but not limited to, builder’s measure or tape, a commercially available “brag mat”, fisheries measuring tape or legal size sticker, with increments no less than 5mm.

2. The acceptability of the measuring device will be at the discretion of the individual Club Recorder or Committee, who may refer to their ANSA Branch or National Committee.

3. Fish are to be measured length overall ie; from the leading edge of the snout to the extreme end of the tail with the fish laying flat – see diagrams on page 12. (Nb. If the tail section is large and cannot be readily aligned with increment marks on the measuring device it is recommended that a straight edge be used to vertically align the tail extremities with the increment marks). In some States it is a requirement that the caudal/fork length also be recorded for scientific data collation. (This is not a National requirement.) 43

4. The measuring of fish must be witnessed by an independent person over the age of fourteen (14) years. Where this is not possible or practical, the angler must submit a digital or print photograph of the capture against a recognised measuring device with the measurement of the fish clearly determinable. Acceptance of photographic evidence will be at the discretion of the relevant Club recorder, who may refer to their State Branch or ANSA National for a ruling.

ANSA QLD will be accepting photographs of fish on measuring mats as evidence, so it is important that you include this in your online submission.