Champion Club

1. The award shall be for the Club with the highest number of species caught each year.

2. The competition will commence on the 1st of July in each year and finish on the 30th of June in the following year.

3. Entries will be accepted for separate species as listed on the ANSA Qld online Entry Form.

4. All ANSA Qld member clubs are encouraged to participate

5. Clubs may continue to improve their score throughout the year.

6. No nomination is required. Registered financial membership of ANSA Qld is necessary.

7. The angler may fish anytime and anywhere within the ANSA National boundaries for the period of the competition. There is no obligation for members to compete in or enter the competition.

8. There are no restrictions on fishing divisions to allow the angler maximum flexibility for fishing.

9. Fish may be kept or released; fish that do not meet the required legal size may be registered but must be release unharmed as quickly as possible.

10.  Submissions for the Annual Top Club trophy are via the ANSA Qld online entry form and must include a photo for identification purposes.

11. Anglers have two (2) weeks from the end of the fishing year to submit a request to review a submission or to challenge the results of the competition, after which all results shall be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

12. ANSA QLD reserves the right to remove any and all capture submissions as and when they deem it necessary.

Champion Club winners from 2017/18 onwards can be viewed on the Champion Club Leaderboard page. 

Club Species No. Year
Bundaberg SFC 53 00/01
Kingaroy SFC 97 01/02
Bribie Island SFC 83 02/03
Bribie Island SFC 84 03/04
Bribie Island SFC 95 04/05
Bribie Island SFC 125 05/06
Kingaroy SFC 118 06/07
Bribie Island SFC 120 07/08
Bribie Island SFC 124 08/09
Bundaberg SFC 159 09/10