ANSA QLD Fish Capture Competition Form

There is a step by step guide to help you with the submission form if you get stuck.

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Fish Details

Grid and Site Reference details can be found here


Enter your capture once and be in the running for all of ANSA QLD’s great competitions applicable to your capture.

Competitions include Trophy Fish, Champion Angler, Champion Club, Longest Landbased Fish on Lure and Statewide Species Challenge.
Your entry will also be used to determine eligibility for Trophy Length Masters once the criteria are met. The form is also used for submitting detail of fish you tagged or recaptured (pink ANSA QLD tags only).
Last but not least, your entry will also be used to start filling up your Fish Species Bucket List!

Simply fill out and submit the form above once to have your captures assessed.

By submitting this form, you give permission to ANSA QLD to use your photos for media & promotional purposes.

If you wish to not have your photos used, please email- qldsportfisherspresident@gmail.com