Great Alvey Challenge

Great Alvey Challenge 2018

National Gone Fishing Day is on 14th October this year and ANSA QLD are encouraging Queenslanders to rig up their favourite Alvey Reel and go fishing!

To celebrate a Queensland fishing icon, we will be running a one day fishing competition in Queensland waters open to all anglers.

Only Alvey, non-drag sidecast reels can be used for this competition and all of the prizes up for grabs will be Alvey reels and gear!

This is a great opportunity to get out an enjoy a day on the water.

There will be a variety of fishing categories for individual species as well as a special BreadnButter Grand Slam!

The BreadnButter Grand Slam will be judged on the longest combination of bream, whiting and flathead.

There will be sub-junior, junior and senior categories to encourage family fun.

Entry fee is only  $10 plus booking fee.

Register for this great event now!

Challenge Rules

Fish captures are submitted online. Read through the step by step guide to learn how to do this and details needed for capture submissions.

Competition Categories and Prizes

  1. BreadnButter Grand Slam – (Senior, Junior & Sub-junior). Longest combo of bream (Yellowfin or Pikey) + Flathead (Dusky or Bartail) + Whiting (Sand or Goldline or Eastern Trumpeter). Alvey 650b
  2. Longest Dart (Open) – Inc. Common, Giant Oystercracker, Northern, Snubnosed or swallowtail. Alvey 625b
  3. Longest Tailor (Open). Alvey 625b
  4. Longest Threadfin (Open). Includes King or Blue Alvey 625b
  5. Longest Jewfish (Black or Mulloway) (Open). Alvey 625

Maximum of one prize per angler

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Drop back in the future as more details are to be announced soon!

Entering your catch  for consideration in the fishing categories is simple.


Before fishing

1.Charge and pack your smartphone or digital camera

2.Write the Competition ID Token Number (supplied  in an email the night before the event) and your name on a piece of paper or card and pop it in a zip-lock bag. Consider packing a spare – no competition ID Token Number no prizes! Placing a sinker in the bag is a good idea to help stop it blowing away

3.Get to know what the eligible species look like before you get on the water

4.Read through the step by step guide to know the fish capture details you might need for submission.

When Fishing

1.Catch the fish!!

2.Take a photo of you with the fish and your Alvey. – Selfies are fine!

3.Take a photo of the fish laying flat and straight on a measure so that the caudal measurement is easily seen. Remember to place the competition ID Token Number in view in the photo.

4.Take note of any other information required in the online entry form.

5.Keep the fish for a tasty feed or let it go.

When you get home

1.Fill out and submit the online fish capture form

2.Check the entry form log to confirm it has been submitted: Email if there are any issues with submissions.

3.All submissions need to be entered by 10PM on Sunday 14th October.


1.This is a fishing competition where only non-drag Alvey reels can be used and that the fish must be caught in natural waterways across Queensland on rod, Alvey reel and line during the hours of 5AM and 3PM on Sunday 14th October 2018.

2. All measurements for longest fish are based on caudal length. This makes it easier to get a photo of the fish on a measure a makes it easier to determine the longest fish.

3. Final Number of Registrations is based on the participant register by registration close, Registration closes on Friday, 12th October 2018 at 12:00PM

5.Model of Alvey reels offered as prize may differ, but will be of equal or great value than models quoted above.

6.All winning entries will be verified. Learn more about the species, including scientific names and links to photos at our Eligible Species List page:

7.In the case of a draw, both anglers will be declared winners, but only one prize will be awarded and this will be determined through random draw.

8.Abide by all the relevant state and local rules. Fish do not have to be of legal length to enter but please abide by regulations and release any undersize or unwanted fish back to the water as quickly as possible and unharmed.

9. ANSA QLD takes the core value of Integrity seriously. Please don’t embarrass yourself or ruin it for others by cheating. Cheaters are grubs – please don’t bother registering if you don’t want to abide by the rules. Any suspicion of cheating will result in disqualification from the competition.