No Club in your area?

Contact QLD Sportfishers to discuss options –

New Members

If you are joining an ANSA Qld Club for the first time please contact the Club of your choice direct or submit an enquiry by clicking the JOIN CLUB button.

No Local Club – no worries! Join Queensland Sportfishers

If there is no local club in your area but you want to join ANSA QLD and access all of the member benefits, you can join Queensland Sportfishers – our Queensland Wide online membership offering. All Queensland Sportfishers will be nominally aligned to one of our existing clubs.

Membership Spreadsheet & Membership Form Template (Club Use)

Clubs need to submit a membership spreadsheet to ANSA QLD and pay the associated membership fees so that members are formally registered to ANSA QLD.

Download the membership form: ANSA QLD Membership Forms 2020-21

A Membership Form Template is available for clubs to adapt and use: ANSAQLD MEMBERSHIP FORM TEMPLATE

Special Membership Discount for 2020/21

Supporting our members and affiliated clubs is a priority for QLD Sportfishers. With continuing COVID-19 social distancing laws, QLD Sportfishers understands that, alongside the impact to social activities, members and clubs may come under financial strain. That’s why we have decided to extend our 2019/20 membership, as well as reduce the 2020/21 fees by 50%.

Click on the following link for more details: QLD Sportfishers 2020/21 Membership Discount