The Statewide Species Challenge is an Annual Event Typically Held over the May Long Weekend.

Past winners of this event can be found on the Species Challenge Leaderboard page.

Registration: No formal registration is required and the event is FREE to all QLD Sportfishers members!


The QLD Sportfishers (ANSA QLD) Species Challenge is an event that reflects the fundamental challenge of fishing, that being the challenge of fisherman vs fish. The Challenge is instituted so that Anglers can join and fish together across Queensland over the same weekend. The only objective is catch as many different species from the QLD Sportfishers species list as possible in three days.

This is the perfect event for kids and anglers seeking to challenge themselves beyond the traditional “catch the biggest/most fish”.


All members of QLD Sportfishers are eligible to fish the challenge. Non-members may be granted temporary membership for the event but are required to pay a temporary membership fee. Contact QLD Sportfishers for more info. QLD Sportfishers Contacts


All fishing is to be conducted in Queensland waters.


The Challenge commences at 6:00am on the Saturday and concludes at 6:00pm Monday (entries to be completed before midnight Monday).


Any sportfishing tackle and/or method that includes a fishing line may be utilised.


Fish must be entered using the QLD Sportfishers online ENTRY FORM and must be submitted before the official finish time of the event.


Anglers receive one point for every different species they register during the challenge. Anglers need to get a quick photo of the fish (preferably with the angler) for identification and submit that photo with their online entry. Anglers who wish to also be eligible for other QLD Sportfishers competitions must also provide a photo of their fish on an appropriate measuring device. Fish may be kept or released; all fish not meeting legal requirements must be release unharmed as quickly as possible.


All participants agree that any photos they provide may be used on social media updates for the event and in QLD Sportfishers promotional materials.


Only those species listed on the QLD Sportfishers online Entry Form are eligible. To assist anglers a copy of the general QLD Sportfishers eligible species can be found at



The Challenge is essentially a social event and not a hard-fought competition. It is recognized however that those who meet the Challenge deserve recognition by their peers and so each category winner will receive an awesome prize pack from QLD Sportfishers. Awards shall be for the following:

a) Individual Senior Male.

b) Individual Senior Female.

c) Individual Junior (10-16yrs)

d) Individual Sub-Junior (<10yrs)


The species challenge is a great way for clubs to share their experiences on the water. As such, QLD Sportfishers will award the winning club with a $100 gift card to go towards catering supplies for a club BBQ so that members can celebrate their win.


The major prize winner will walk away with a $100 tackle gift card from QLD Sportfishers. The winning angler will be selected by random draw from all participants who enter at least one fish during the challenge.

Official notification of the winning anglers and clubs will be posted on the QLD Sportfishers website and/or Facebook page.

Past winners of this event can be found on the Species Challenge Leaderboard page.

NoteAnglers have 24hrs from the end of each year’s competition to submit a request to review a submission or to challenge the results of the competition, after which all results shall be final and no further correspondence will be entered into. QLD Sportfishers reserves the right to remove any and all capture submissions as and when they deem it necessary.