Monitoring Plans

Recreational Fishery Monitoring Plans

ANSA QLD Clubs have developed recreational fishery monitoring plans. These plans set out the priority focus of fish monitoring and tagging  activities being undertaken by clubs and members. Current plans can be downloaded below. It is anticipated that most of our 20+ clubs will have at least one monitoring plan:

Click here for the QLD Sportfishers Statewide Species x Location Guide

Lend Other Clubs a Hand

ANSA QLD encourages members and clubs to help each other out with respective monitoring and tagging activities. You can read more about this today at:

Preparing a Recreational Fishery Monitoring Plan

ANSA QLD encourages all clubs to prepare monitoring plans. We are only to happy to help your club with plan preparation. Simply get in touch with one of the ANSA QLD executive to talk about your plan today.

We have also prepared a template to help you get started.