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Species Angler Total Length Club Location Photo
Amberjack (All) Michael Trust 910 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Outer Murphy’s
Barramundi (Impounded) Thomas Herbohn 1140 mm Kingaroy SFC Teemburra Dam
Barramundi (Wild) Don Patterson 1160 mm Bundaberg SFC Burnett River town reach
Bass (Australian) Blake Manthey 559 mm Kingaroy SFC Tarong Cooling Water Dam
Bream (Pikey) Helen Johnson 370 mm Hinchinbrook SFC Cardwell harbour
Bream (Yellowfin) Jordan Stoddart 420 mm Bundaberg SFC Burnett river
Cobia Don Patterson 1530 mm Bundaberg SFC Kolan patch
Cod (Gold Spot) Shaun Manthey 1155 mm Kingaroy SFC Stanage Bay
Coral Trout (All) Will McUtchen 800 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundaberg
Dart (All) Glen Unverzagt 430 mm Kingaroy SFC Inskip point
Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) Mal Thompson 890 mm Redcliffe Game and SFC Fad 7
Emperor (Grass) Jordan Stoddart 650 mm Bundaberg SFC 20 mile Bundaberg
Emperor (Long Nosed) Geoff Chapman 620 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Toung reef
Emperor (Red Throat) Ken Johnson 520 mm Bundaberg SFC Otter reef
Emperor (Red) Craig Thornton 880 mm Keppel Bay SFC Wide Yeppoon
Emperor (Spangled) Lawrie Zarb 770 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Hards
Flathead (All) Graeme Walker 760 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Pumicestone Passage
Grunter (Silver Perch) No Entries
Grunter (Sooty) Chris bache 500 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Barron River
Javelin (All) Josh Mortensen 590 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundaberg
Job fish (All) Richard Parker 780 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Barwon banks
Long Tom (Freshwater) No Entries
Long Tom (Saltwater) Ken Johnson 1150 mm Bundaberg SFC Solitaire wreck
Mackerel (Grey) Josh Mortensen 1090 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundaberg
Mackerel (School) Richard Parker 830 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Arkwright
Mackerel (Spanish) Helen Johnson 1290 mm Hinchinbrook SFC Kennedy shoals
Mackerel (Spotted) Geoffrey Zielke 970 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Sunshine coast
Mangrove Jack Noel Platt 505 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Baffle Creek
Marlin (All) No Entries
Perch (Golden) Shaun Manthey 555 mm Kingaroy SFC Callide Dam
Queenfish (All) Don Patterson 1045 mm Bundaberg SFC Cardwell wide
Rainbow Runner Adam Royle 705 mm Hinchinbrook SFC Trunk Reef, NQ
Sailfish (indo-pacific) No Entries
Saratoga (All) Helen Johnson 820 mm Hinchinbrook SFC Cania dam
Snapper Shaun Manthey 830 mm Kingaroy SFC Offshore Double Is
Snapper (Golden) Chris bache 720 mm Cairns Sportfishing Club Fitzroy Island
Snapper (Saddletail Largemouth) Shaun Manthey 760 mm Kingaroy SFC North reef
Tailor Helen Johnson 405 mm Hinchinbrook SFC Elliot river
Tarpon Helen Johnson 630 mm Hinchinbrook SFC Meunga creek
Threadfin (Blue) Jordan Stoddart 650 mm Bundaberg SFC Burnett river
Threadfin (King) Nick Bright 1040 mm Maryborough SFC Mary River
Trevally (Bigeye) Nelson Philips 490 mm Bundaberg SFC Bundaberg
Trevally (Giant) Michael Trust 1160 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Swains
Trevally (Golden) Shaun Manthey 965 mm Kingaroy SFC Bustard head
Tuna (Longtail) Scott Phillips 1100 mm Redcliffe Game and SFC Morton bay
Tuna (Mackerel) Steve Doyle 880 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Fraser
Tuna (Yellowfin) Brian Fawcett 840 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Gneerings
Tuskfish (All) Melinda Proctor 610 mm Ipswich United SFC Stanage bay
Wahoo No Entries
Whiting (All) Victor Guse 430 mm Sunshine Coast SFC Maroochydore
rew No Entries