How to form an ANSA Qld Club

To become a member club of ANSA Qld Branch Inc. your club needs to follow the steps below …..

1) Become incorporated. To become incorporated you will need to contact the Office of Fair Trading and get a copy of their Model Rules and the Application Form. Fill out the Application Form and return it with their fees for lodgment. I suggest you use their Model Rules as your constitution. This makes lodgment very easy. You then modify your own constitution (if you have one already) to become your By-Laws and/or Rules of your club.

You will be required to have a Public Liability Insurance policy for your incorporation. ANSA Queensland Branch Inc. holds the policy on behalf of all the members and member clubs in Queensland. The details of this policy will be given to you for your use in the lodgment with the Office of Fair Trading.

2) Apply for membership of the Queensland Branch. Every application by a Sportfishing Club for membership of the Queensland Branch shall be lodged with the Secretary and shall be accompanied by:

(a) A statement giving:

(I) The name of the Club;

(ii) The full names and addresses. of the Officers of the Club; and

(iii) The initial details of members, financial and otherwise, of the Club;

(b) An agreement to adopt and abide by the Fishing Rules of the Australian National Sportfishing Association; and

(c) A copy of the Club’s Constitution.

3) The application is then tabled at the next State Executive meeting. In most cases the group or former club wishing to become a member club of the Queensland Branch is in contact with various members of the executive and the whole transition is quite smooth.