New Members

If you are joining an ANSA Qld Club for the first time please contact the Club of your choice direct or email and we will advise the relevant club. Membership covers you to for the financial year that you joined.

Which Club do I Join?

If you haven’t already got a club in mind then check out the map and then look under Member Club on this website for a list of the current clubs for the whole of Queensland or contact and we will put you in contact with the club of your choice.

Most times this will be the nearest club to you but where there are larger centres you may have a choice of more than one so you can investigate which one suits you best.

No Local Club – no worries! Join Queensland Sportfishers

If there is no local club in your area but you want to join ANSA QLD and access all of the member benefits, you can join Queensland Sportfishers – our Queensland Wide online membership offering. All Queensland Sportfishers will be nominally aligned to one of our existing clubs.

Join Queensland Sportfishers now!


Membership Spreadsheet & Membership Form Template (Club Use)

Clubs need to submit a membership spreadsheet to ANSA QLD and pay the associated membership fees so that members are formally registered to ANSA QLD.

Download the membership form: ANSA QLD Membership Forms 2017-18

A Membership Form Template is available for clubs to adapt and use: ANSAQLD MEMBERSHIP FORM TEMPLATE

Any queries give us an email us at and we will get in contact.

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